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I Have Felt Your Essence

I Have Felt Your Essence I have felt your essence, a crescent vapor on the breeze of an onyx sky. Night sounds nestled in the creases of your forlorn journey, spilling flakes of caramel amber. The moisture of your feathered touch rising sad and empty migrating the cosmic planes Make believe and nonsense trapped in …

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Comes The Winter (2014)

   Enters the charge ripping into/throughcities that are twins inherent alonethe beast released from hiatus longcomatose status returning on angrywings/winds specter of past-postdestruction/murder punishing/torturingthose who dare to attempt forgettingstraining/bowing backs changing statsstranding the adventurous who defy togrind on forth in forging icy mythspitched in rotting disdained/refrainthe maddening bombardment/barragedfrozen/abandon locking down in howlingsounds doorways/pathways/highwaysschool days quietly …

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Two Into One

     Two Into One Take me gently and caress atmy heartThat I may feel you when weare apart The taste of your scent tosoothe my soulThe sound of your hunger tofill my bowl The moonlight of your eyes tobright up my darkThe bless of your spirit towhere I embark The touch of your tender …

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Spirit of Love

Sacred in your timber downy light gentle trimmer steadfast honey red yellow clay mixed stretched to dry in cooled twilight sun smoothed by rocks tempered thick earthy sockets recognizing blue adorning petels rosette blush issuing murmurs golden innuendo set along sandy strands ripe polished glass salty with sea shaken sieved eternal flour cast unleavened into …

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Whispered as a Sigh

Whispered as a Sigh Time passes carrying messages repeated and deep seated replete with splendor on high whispered as a sigh In darkness I extend my hand to you attached to my heart, latched to my soul and I hold to true I choose to pursue your favor, flavored with gentle tenderness of your bright …

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She Makes Me Smile

“If you have a friend who makes you smile, do whatever you can to hold on to them. They are a precious gift.” She Makes Me Smile She came to me open asking for nothing She led me through golden meadows washed in silver moonlight roughly tender Me a city boy feeling confused and heady …

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For A Season

Three chimes in time beyond settled in She came to me in that everywhere place under a tree of ebony entwined, knotty as my locks after the rains have arrived I had been waiting for her earlier I didn’t know I had, but She said I was How can I believe you afterwards? Because of …

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Into The Silence

Image By S. Christopher Into The Silence Where do you go when there’s no place to go and all about you most hands are all in What do you do when you know that you know that it’s time for some new thing to begin How do you feel when you know that you’re real …

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Saint Paul Nocturne

Saint Paul Nocturne In this place the twilight river glistens moonlight in the ripples washes right through me and dulled winter’s glow evidences the sparkling blue of fallen snow enveloping the whole of my beingless being In this place my sleepy head spirit rambles ‘cross bridges to coffee house to theater to cafe chapel bells …

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A Brand New Ending

A Brand New Ending Dear Son I apologize for not being there I just didn’t know how but I do still care Didn’t even know how to be there for your ride because though of age I was still a kid inside My dad wasn’t there for me but that’s no excuse because I didn’t …

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