I Have Felt Your Essence


I Have Felt Your Essence

I have felt your essence, a crescent vapor
on the breeze of an onyx sky.

Night sounds nestled in the creases of
your forlorn journey, spilling flakes
of caramel amber.

The moisture of your feathered touch
rising sad and empty migrating
the cosmic planes

Make believe and nonsense trapped in
eternal, never binding release,
the impostor of substance and shame

27 November 2014
Saint Paul, MN
Copyright 2014 Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved


Comes The Winter (2014)


Enters the charge ripping into/through
cities that are twins inherent alone
the beast released from hiatus long
comatose status returning on angry
wings/winds specter of past-post
destruction/murder punishing/torturing
those who dare to attempt forgetting
straining/bowing backs changing stats
stranding the adventurous who defy to
grind on forth in forging icy myths
pitched in rotting disdained/refrain
the maddening bombardment/barraged
frozen/abandon locking down in howling
sounds doorways/pathways/highways
school days quietly falling ravishing
testing the spirits of those who have
here/there proclaimed undying loyalty
and claim this algific game pledging to
ever remain then from north south west
and east came now bellowing/slobbering
unbridled slouching/lumbering wildly
quaverous the treacherous beast and…

Alas, Alas grasps/clings here/fear that
draws/near the final days have begun

Copyright 2014  Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved

Two Into One



   Two Into One

Take me gently and caress at
my heart
That I may feel you when we
are apart

The taste of your scent to
soothe my soul
The sound of your hunger to
fill my bowl

The moonlight of your eyes to
bright up my dark
The bless of your spirit to
where I embark

The touch of your tender to
keep me warm
The tense and slick temper of
your so taut form

Add in a pinch of your sweet
splendor and stun
The raw of your spirit making
two into one

Copyright 2014  Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved

Spirit of Love

spirit of love
Sacred in your timber downy light
gentle trimmer steadfast honey
red yellow clay mixed stretched
to dry in cooled twilight sun
smoothed by rocks tempered thick
earthy sockets recognizing blue
adorning petels rosette blush
issuing murmurs golden innuendo
set along sandy strands ripe
polished glass salty with sea
shaken sieved eternal flour cast
unleavened into the forge to
grow holy in the spirit of love

Copyright 2013,         Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.

Whispered as a Sigh

Whispered as a Sigh

Time passes carrying messages repeated

and deep seated replete with splendor

on high whispered as a sigh

In darkness I extend my hand to you

attached to my heart, latched to my soul

and I hold to true

I choose to pursue your favor, flavored

with gentle tenderness of your bright

sight watching for the light

You are the notes and the spaces across

my infinity, washing over me, spanning my

never-ending desires cry

No other woman shall rest in my dreams

in the cracks and crevices and the seams

and the sweet in-betweens

Time passes carrying messages repeated

and deep seated replete with splendor

on high whispered as a sigh

© 2010, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.

She Makes Me Smile

“If you have a friend who makes you smile, do whatever you can to hold on to them. They are a precious gift.”

She Makes Me Smile

She came to me open asking for nothing

She led me through golden meadows

washed in silver moonlight roughly tender

Me a city boy feeling confused and heady

like my first taste of Richards Wild Irish

Rose syrupy sweet burning my lining all

the way down to those dangling young roots

Buttery mellow brown skin with a hint of

island spice nice scented in some loose exotic

elixir brewed before the mirror of her vanity

washing me to a new view closing a tiny

door of innocence I believed long ago spent

leading me revealing in me that I had always

been led and her in that cool masterly way

of seeming to follow cloaked thinly in a veil that

whispered curl me into your arms like an limp

Autumn leaf giving in to the warm sun of fall

It is all so deliciously wanton insanely tame as

she feeds me food feeds me of her soul and

heats my heart to a decent honest degree for

she is my new buddy and she makes me smile
Copyright © 2012 – 2013, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.

For A Season

Three chimes in time beyond settled in

She came to me in that everywhere place

under a tree of ebony entwined, knotty

as my locks after the rains have arrived

I had been waiting for her earlier

I didn’t know I had, but She said I was

How can I believe you afterwards?

Because of how I treated you before,

She said

But that wasn’t the treatment I wanted

She placed her red foot up to mine

Hush, do not complain it is why I came,

She said

Aristotle said, that true friendship

is two souls resting in one skin

You have been a fair-weather friend

We could never have existed in one skin

From the beginning you hid yourself

But that was not the response I needed

She pressed purple fingers to my chest

Hush, do not yearn for me it is why I

came She said

I screamed into the vastness of this place

You ripped tainted persuasion through me

soiled in the insincere nature you nurture

My soul wailed in the wake of vulgar abuse

The weight of your foul injury yet remains

choking the essence of becoming from me

Why do you linger still in my stained breast

She mashed her cool green lips into mine

Hush, She whispered this is why I came

I’m not the end of life for you, only a season

The season of your learning to let go

It is the reason why I came She said
Copyright © 2011 – 2012, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.

Into The Silence

Image By S. Christopher

Into The Silence

Where do you go when

there’s no place to go

and all about you

most hands are all in

What do you do when

you know that you know

that it’s time for some

new thing to begin

How do you feel when

you know that you’re real

but the world is on

a fake ego trip

Do you stand up and

shout, make a big deal

or hold it all in

while biting your lip

Do you seek outside

for distractions sake

To escape the gone

mad din of the crowd

Do you go confide

about what to take

so the craziness

doesn’t scream to loud

There’s a quiet

place to mellow out

come face to face with

yourself, have no doubt

Rest calm, simple grace

from your dis-ease route

’cause to go with out

is to go without

Turn inward to see

There’s no distraction

You must examine

yourself from within

Your soul must come free

reach satisfaction

Allow your spirit

to purge all the sin

Into the silence

is where you need go

shining more brilliant

than fresh golden rod

In to alliance

move into the flow

because this is the

place where you see GOD

Copyright © 2011-2012, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.

Saint Paul Nocturne

Saint Paul Nocturne

In this place the twilight river

glistens moonlight in the

ripples washes right through

me and dulled winter’s glow

evidences the sparkling blue

of fallen snow enveloping the

whole of my beingless being

In this place my sleepy head

spirit rambles ‘cross bridges to

coffee house to theater to cafe

chapel bells chime soundtrack

to bold tender heart of a saint

as shadowed sculpture gardens

dance in the hue of night’s light

In this place I come returning

as to home and grasp to my

breast the charming homespun

nice born of this place home of

ice castles and winter carnivals

celebrating ecliptic solstice as

sirens scream from the distance

Copyright © 2011-2012, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights


A Brand New Ending

A Brand New Ending

Dear Son

I apologize for not

being there

I just didn’t know how

but I do still care

Didn’t even know how to

be there for your ride

because though of age

I was still a kid inside

My dad wasn’t there

for me

but that’s no excuse

because I didn’t even

realize how much I

needed him in my youth

So I just made it up

as I went along

I was fierce even mean

but I didn’t know how

to be strong

I talked down to your

mom because I felt

she was greedy and

even if she was this

weakness was inside me

So I took to the streets

to seek out my man self

only managed to get more

lost and endangered my


I got shot and got stabbed

as my growing self was

smothered and all I really

learned was to do the same

to my brothers

Blind I stalked by-ways

and alleys on the verge

of insanity in this dark

search for my elusive


Still without instruction

it grew into macho with

no boundaries and took a

while to see we are not

born with masculinity

It’s something we earn

No woman can give it to


No matter how filled her

heart with love that’s true

It’s a man thing to learn

and can take a lifetime to

get it

some never do and live lives

that are stunted

But we are both blessed by

GOD who sent you back to me

because back in your life is

where I should be

and although we can’t start

from the very beginning we

can pick up right here and

start a brand new ending

Copyright ©

2011-2012, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.