Gushing It Bleeds

your heart has cast my heart

to a place eyes cannot see

full of shadowed spaces

cloaked with murdered empathy

Within the reaches of this realm

no room for sympathy and the

insensitive echoes of your heart

give birth to could never be

Inside those empty hollow notes

usery sightless hidden deep

coated cancerous honeyed lies

set to lull the soul to sleep

In those ambered honeyed nights

your poisoned spell did seep

spreading letel fibers on my life

that for eons untold shall creep

So gushing it bleeds ripping free

I recognize the neediness of need

dashing this false love on the sea

bowing to the worthlessness of greed

Balance as fragile as a water bead

these damaged goods I am relieved

set aloose of passions prison feed

you have become not what I believe
Copyright © 2010, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.


This Connection

This Connection

I sit in the Sun
outside the shop
waiting to be served
The other side of the avenue
shut down and torn up
making way for city’s
brand new light rail train
On my side the cars creep
to a wet stop for the light
She sits in her white jag
head bobbing lipping words
the volume is minimal
lyrics almost subliminal
she smiles in her enjoyment
and waves
I nod my head/acknowledgment
and smile inside at the
spirit of our connection
this connection of it all
of all humankind/beyond
A sense of serenity comes
envelopes my heart/soul

It has been raining
the cars/tiny splashes at
the edge of the curb
brings me back from my
spiritual nap
An older woman approaches
she nimbly jumps back
threatening car spray
looks at me and smiles
I smile/nod acknowledging
her light fright/relief
Beautiful day isn’t it
I agree
We talk of the harsh
Winter/it has just passed
we enjoy even more the
warming Sun as we
Again I am engulfed by the
cosmic magic/connection
beyond race beyond class
even beyond hate/death
she strolled into the shop/store


The workshop manager/worker
comes out to say/your turn
I follow him in/he is jealous of
my time spent in the Sun
I smile/He mentions the long
frigid Winter
worst in fifteen years
together we give thanks
for the onslaught of this
rainy yet warm new season
And I am a washed once again
by the beyond/of all differences
this condition
I smile a little prayer
deep inside in an all consuming

This connection
is different from all other
connections/ yet it spans to
encompass the entire
spectrum of connection
This connection channeled
through the energy of
the universe/beyond

I casually realize I left my
little snack bag of
jelly beans/cashews at home
Wishing I had them along with
to offer a few/in celebration
of this connection

Copyright © 2011, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.

Reminiscing And Missing You

I miss the long chilly walks
we took along Lake Shore Drive,
the churning waves crashing up
on the beach, sea gulls floating
like suspended mobiles in the air,
a pink haze on the horizon as the
sun sets and the Drake Hotel sign
glowing frosty in the early dusk

I miss watching the people bustling
by on Michigan Avenue, puffs of
steamy clouds of escaping breath
shooting from their mouths, blaring
taxi cab horns and crushing crowds
rush about in their downtown
trances, life animated, mindless,
tolerant and uninvolved, left us alone

I miss being like invisible ghosts
among the teeming throngs of that place
city of disconnected brotherhood,
graceless fellowship, loveless dedication
To be there in that magic secret crazy
love together within the madness,
separate souls bound

There was always a strange grey haze
that cloaked our life together and
wherever we went it shrouded us,
covered us like a second skin. It
lifted as I drove away from the
city leaving you behind

I don’t miss the city. I do miss you.

Copyright © 2011-2012, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.

The Tears Become Endless

Baby there’s a God above
but all I’ve ever learned from love
Is how to shoot at some one who out drew ya’
And it’s not a cry you can hear at night
It’s not somebody who’s seen the light
It’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah


Leonard Cohen

Crying sky

The tears become endless

Why did I begin this

Should have learned through

the years

Always finishes in tears

How do I approach

without sad reproach

the joy of true love

should fit like a glove

but what when that love

is not a free dove

dare I dare encroach

and my hearts love poach

My mind’s so mixed up

My heart feels corrupt

My stomach just churns

as rejection burns

Misery returns

as my heart relearns

‘Cause this empty cup

went dry, so abrupt

Make this my last time?

But I’m at my prime

With my skills on point

Yet heart yearns conjoint

My soul begs anoint

me rich at endpoint

God remove this rime

God remove the grime

The tears become endless

Why did I begin this

Should have learned through

the years

Always finishes in tears

Copyright © 2010 – 2012, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

As you read these

words I am entering


I am entering through

your eyes, your

finger tips, entering

through your brain

slipping in across

your lips

breath me in

can you sense me

entering your nostrils

a veiled odorless

vapor pouring misty

slow through your head

across your tongue

down your throat

tickling lightly at

your esophagus

billowing your lungs

quaking, oozing down

into your belly

drifting there as a

ship in full blown


I came to stay

this no meager visit

This is an inner

body experience

I am now a part of


can’t you feel me

all snuggled, nestled

flexing in your

muscles, coursing

through your veins

swelling your every

cell, your every


Thank you for

allowing a small

part of me to

take up this

residency deep

within thee

feels like

home sweet home

Copyright © 2011-2012, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.

Jazz Fest in the Park

Jazz Fest

Jazz Fest in the Park

Sparkling lights flicker

and spin strung in time

weave and twine hung

suspended in rhyme they

climb like stairs to the

inner mind to the rafters

illuminating and vibrating

the hustling bustling crowd

of smiling faces like

Christmas in the summertime

heads bobbing to the waning

and rising bounce of bass a

guitar pinching and lean

mean yet to clean to sting

pierces out a scalding

twang permeating ear and

brain as driving repeat

of lightening and rumble

beat drummed like peaked

mountains climbed in hot

icy heat too cool to

review better than brand

new and too chilly for

crackers while vibes hip

tumble almost stumble and

slip to trickle drops that

drip in oceans of sound

sweet delicious profound

from high above to way deep

down underground washing

away the grit and grime of

the day leaving one to shake

one’s head and say…

Now that’s some smooooth


Copyright © 2011-2012, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.

In My Own Sacred Dance (Self Love)

Sacred Dance image by Zack Ahern

Sacred Dance image by Zack Ahern

In My Own Sacred Dance (Self Love)

Tension teases the wounds of

those left unfinished undone

tractile steel wire rusting away

in adamant heat of cruel sun

Rejection endless rejection has

broken the delicate connection

and on closer inspection it is

found the growing collection

of some insidious infection of

suttle hints and faint incidents

of painful jabs of not accidents

that reaked of foul dark scents

revealing testemonies not yet

recorded in the documents of

saved and sents cramming my

mind tense with dying contents

meant to prevent my advance

from perpetual circumstance

leaving the need that I take a

stance snap myself out of this

unhealthy trance doctor the

wound left by the deadly lance

I return to sweet life and richly

indulge in my own sacred dance

Copyright © 2011-2012, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.

In The Heart of This Rhyme

There’s a tiny spot in

the heart of this rhyme

Where I keep the love

I feel for you enshrined

The air shadowed gray

tints the core of the mind

With the replay on display

of memories left behind

Sickle barbwire cells

house walls left to climb

eclipsed by coming joys

that promise the sublime

To reshape existence

alter twisted paradigm

final essential ingredient

the passing of fated time

There’s a tiny spot in

the heart of this rhyme

Where I keep the love

I feel for you enshrined

Copyright © 2011-2012, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.

I Dreamt of You

I dreamt of you in the starry night
you whispered warm breath into me
Bloody tears streamed from my ears
And I know once again as the before

Say you’ll stay, please say you’ll stay
Don’t go away, please don’t go away
For each moment you’re away is an eternity
Brings out my most deepest fears and envy
Leaves me washing away on a torrid sea
Lost between what is, what could never be

Cast your faint shadow last time on me please
Don’t leave me crawling in this pit on my knees
you see evidence as I waste by horrid degrees
Yet in tender denial you ignore my sweet pleas
Coat my heart in your avalanche, your icy freeze
In and out of my life like a cool autumn breeze

Oh, may your ghost touch ne’r leave my burnt skin
May I not revert back to that mad man I’ve been
Beg you please not disturb the heart of the den
For your off and on and off return kills me again
And though I attempt to hold on, seems I can’t win
And need to face that you’re never coming back in

I dreamt of you in the starry night
you whispered warm breath into me
Bloody tears streamed from my ears
And I knew once again as the before
why I keep the light on near the door
praying for you in starkness to appear

Copyright © 2011-2012, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.