Comes The Winter (2014)


Enters the charge ripping into/through
cities that are twins inherent alone
the beast released from hiatus long
comatose status returning on angry
wings/winds specter of past-post
destruction/murder punishing/torturing
those who dare to attempt forgetting
straining/bowing backs changing stats
stranding the adventurous who defy to
grind on forth in forging icy myths
pitched in rotting disdained/refrain
the maddening bombardment/barraged
frozen/abandon locking down in howling
sounds doorways/pathways/highways
school days quietly falling ravishing
testing the spirits of those who have
here/there proclaimed undying loyalty
and claim this algific game pledging to
ever remain then from north south west
and east came now bellowing/slobbering
unbridled slouching/lumbering wildly
quaverous the treacherous beast and…

Alas, Alas grasps/clings here/fear that
draws/near the final days have begun

Copyright 2014  Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved


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