Monthly Archives: February, 2014

Comes The Winter (2014)

   Enters the charge ripping into/throughcities that are twins inherent alonethe beast released from hiatus longcomatose status returning on angrywings/winds specter of past-postdestruction/murder punishing/torturingthose who dare to attempt forgettingstraining/bowing backs changing statsstranding the adventurous who defy togrind on forth in forging icy mythspitched in rotting disdained/refrainthe maddening bombardment/barragedfrozen/abandon locking down in howlingsounds doorways/pathways/highwaysschool days quietly …

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Two Into One

     Two Into One Take me gently and caress atmy heartThat I may feel you when weare apart The taste of your scent tosoothe my soulThe sound of your hunger tofill my bowl The moonlight of your eyes tobright up my darkThe bless of your spirit towhere I embark The touch of your tender …

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