She Makes Me Smile

“If you have a friend who makes you smile, do whatever you can to hold on to them. They are a precious gift.”

She Makes Me Smile

She came to me open asking for nothing

She led me through golden meadows

washed in silver moonlight roughly tender

Me a city boy feeling confused and heady

like my first taste of Richards Wild Irish

Rose syrupy sweet burning my lining all

the way down to those dangling young roots

Buttery mellow brown skin with a hint of

island spice nice scented in some loose exotic

elixir brewed before the mirror of her vanity

washing me to a new view closing a tiny

door of innocence I believed long ago spent

leading me revealing in me that I had always

been led and her in that cool masterly way

of seeming to follow cloaked thinly in a veil that

whispered curl me into your arms like an limp

Autumn leaf giving in to the warm sun of fall

It is all so deliciously wanton insanely tame as

she feeds me food feeds me of her soul and

heats my heart to a decent honest degree for

she is my new buddy and she makes me smile
Copyright © 2012 – 2013, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.


1 Comment

  1. LilMissJoan

    A friend indeed…:)

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