For A Season

Three chimes in time beyond settled in

She came to me in that everywhere place

under a tree of ebony entwined, knotty

as my locks after the rains have arrived

I had been waiting for her earlier

I didn’t know I had, but She said I was

How can I believe you afterwards?

Because of how I treated you before,

She said

But that wasn’t the treatment I wanted

She placed her red foot up to mine

Hush, do not complain it is why I came,

She said

Aristotle said, that true friendship

is two souls resting in one skin

You have been a fair-weather friend

We could never have existed in one skin

From the beginning you hid yourself

But that was not the response I needed

She pressed purple fingers to my chest

Hush, do not yearn for me it is why I

came She said

I screamed into the vastness of this place

You ripped tainted persuasion through me

soiled in the insincere nature you nurture

My soul wailed in the wake of vulgar abuse

The weight of your foul injury yet remains

choking the essence of becoming from me

Why do you linger still in my stained breast

She mashed her cool green lips into mine

Hush, She whispered this is why I came

I’m not the end of life for you, only a season

The season of your learning to let go

It is the reason why I came She said
Copyright © 2011 – 2012, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.


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