Into The Silence

Image By S. Christopher

Into The Silence

Where do you go when

there’s no place to go

and all about you

most hands are all in

What do you do when

you know that you know

that it’s time for some

new thing to begin

How do you feel when

you know that you’re real

but the world is on

a fake ego trip

Do you stand up and

shout, make a big deal

or hold it all in

while biting your lip

Do you seek outside

for distractions sake

To escape the gone

mad din of the crowd

Do you go confide

about what to take

so the craziness

doesn’t scream to loud

There’s a quiet

place to mellow out

come face to face with

yourself, have no doubt

Rest calm, simple grace

from your dis-ease route

’cause to go with out

is to go without

Turn inward to see

There’s no distraction

You must examine

yourself from within

Your soul must come free

reach satisfaction

Allow your spirit

to purge all the sin

Into the silence

is where you need go

shining more brilliant

than fresh golden rod

In to alliance

move into the flow

because this is the

place where you see GOD

Copyright © 2011-2012, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.


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