Saint Paul Nocturne

Saint Paul Nocturne

In this place the twilight river

glistens moonlight in the

ripples washes right through

me and dulled winter’s glow

evidences the sparkling blue

of fallen snow enveloping the

whole of my beingless being

In this place my sleepy head

spirit rambles ‘cross bridges to

coffee house to theater to cafe

chapel bells chime soundtrack

to bold tender heart of a saint

as shadowed sculpture gardens

dance in the hue of night’s light

In this place I come returning

as to home and grasp to my

breast the charming homespun

nice born of this place home of

ice castles and winter carnivals

celebrating ecliptic solstice as

sirens scream from the distance

Copyright © 2011-2012, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights



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