A Brand New Ending

A Brand New Ending

Dear Son

I apologize for not

being there

I just didn’t know how

but I do still care

Didn’t even know how to

be there for your ride

because though of age

I was still a kid inside

My dad wasn’t there

for me

but that’s no excuse

because I didn’t even

realize how much I

needed him in my youth

So I just made it up

as I went along

I was fierce even mean

but I didn’t know how

to be strong

I talked down to your

mom because I felt

she was greedy and

even if she was this

weakness was inside me

So I took to the streets

to seek out my man self

only managed to get more

lost and endangered my


I got shot and got stabbed

as my growing self was

smothered and all I really

learned was to do the same

to my brothers

Blind I stalked by-ways

and alleys on the verge

of insanity in this dark

search for my elusive


Still without instruction

it grew into macho with

no boundaries and took a

while to see we are not

born with masculinity

It’s something we earn

No woman can give it to


No matter how filled her

heart with love that’s true

It’s a man thing to learn

and can take a lifetime to

get it

some never do and live lives

that are stunted

But we are both blessed by

GOD who sent you back to me

because back in your life is

where I should be

and although we can’t start

from the very beginning we

can pick up right here and

start a brand new ending

Copyright ©

2011-2012, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.


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