Gushing It Bleeds

your heart has cast my heart

to a place eyes cannot see

full of shadowed spaces

cloaked with murdered empathy

Within the reaches of this realm

no room for sympathy and the

insensitive echoes of your heart

give birth to could never be

Inside those empty hollow notes

usery sightless hidden deep

coated cancerous honeyed lies

set to lull the soul to sleep

In those ambered honeyed nights

your poisoned spell did seep

spreading letel fibers on my life

that for eons untold shall creep

So gushing it bleeds ripping free

I recognize the neediness of need

dashing this false love on the sea

bowing to the worthlessness of greed

Balance as fragile as a water bead

these damaged goods I am relieved

set aloose of passions prison feed

you have become not what I believe
Copyright © 2010, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.


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