This Connection

This Connection

I sit in the Sun
outside the shop
waiting to be served
The other side of the avenue
shut down and torn up
making way for city’s
brand new light rail train
On my side the cars creep
to a wet stop for the light
She sits in her white jag
head bobbing lipping words
the volume is minimal
lyrics almost subliminal
she smiles in her enjoyment
and waves
I nod my head/acknowledgment
and smile inside at the
spirit of our connection
this connection of it all
of all humankind/beyond
A sense of serenity comes
envelopes my heart/soul

It has been raining
the cars/tiny splashes at
the edge of the curb
brings me back from my
spiritual nap
An older woman approaches
she nimbly jumps back
threatening car spray
looks at me and smiles
I smile/nod acknowledging
her light fright/relief
Beautiful day isn’t it
I agree
We talk of the harsh
Winter/it has just passed
we enjoy even more the
warming Sun as we
Again I am engulfed by the
cosmic magic/connection
beyond race beyond class
even beyond hate/death
she strolled into the shop/store


The workshop manager/worker
comes out to say/your turn
I follow him in/he is jealous of
my time spent in the Sun
I smile/He mentions the long
frigid Winter
worst in fifteen years
together we give thanks
for the onslaught of this
rainy yet warm new season
And I am a washed once again
by the beyond/of all differences
this condition
I smile a little prayer
deep inside in an all consuming

This connection
is different from all other
connections/ yet it spans to
encompass the entire
spectrum of connection
This connection channeled
through the energy of
the universe/beyond

I casually realize I left my
little snack bag of
jelly beans/cashews at home
Wishing I had them along with
to offer a few/in celebration
of this connection

Copyright © 2011, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.


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