Reminiscing And Missing You

I miss the long chilly walks
we took along Lake Shore Drive,
the churning waves crashing up
on the beach, sea gulls floating
like suspended mobiles in the air,
a pink haze on the horizon as the
sun sets and the Drake Hotel sign
glowing frosty in the early dusk

I miss watching the people bustling
by on Michigan Avenue, puffs of
steamy clouds of escaping breath
shooting from their mouths, blaring
taxi cab horns and crushing crowds
rush about in their downtown
trances, life animated, mindless,
tolerant and uninvolved, left us alone

I miss being like invisible ghosts
among the teeming throngs of that place
city of disconnected brotherhood,
graceless fellowship, loveless dedication
To be there in that magic secret crazy
love together within the madness,
separate souls bound

There was always a strange grey haze
that cloaked our life together and
wherever we went it shrouded us,
covered us like a second skin. It
lifted as I drove away from the
city leaving you behind

I don’t miss the city. I do miss you.

Copyright © 2011-2012, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.


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