Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

As you read these

words I am entering


I am entering through

your eyes, your

finger tips, entering

through your brain

slipping in across

your lips

breath me in

can you sense me

entering your nostrils

a veiled odorless

vapor pouring misty

slow through your head

across your tongue

down your throat

tickling lightly at

your esophagus

billowing your lungs

quaking, oozing down

into your belly

drifting there as a

ship in full blown


I came to stay

this no meager visit

This is an inner

body experience

I am now a part of


can’t you feel me

all snuggled, nestled

flexing in your

muscles, coursing

through your veins

swelling your every

cell, your every


Thank you for

allowing a small

part of me to

take up this

residency deep

within thee

feels like

home sweet home

Copyright © 2011-2012, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.



  1. Wow! this is brilliant…the imagery made it feel like you were actually moving through me in between the crevices of my atomic structure. great read

    • Thanks for reading. I’ve gone to your blog. I am very impressed. I have added you to my blogroll in hopes that others might discover your work. I’ll be watching your progress…

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