Jazz Fest in the Park

Jazz Fest

Jazz Fest in the Park

Sparkling lights flicker

and spin strung in time

weave and twine hung

suspended in rhyme they

climb like stairs to the

inner mind to the rafters

illuminating and vibrating

the hustling bustling crowd

of smiling faces like

Christmas in the summertime

heads bobbing to the waning

and rising bounce of bass a

guitar pinching and lean

mean yet to clean to sting

pierces out a scalding

twang permeating ear and

brain as driving repeat

of lightening and rumble

beat drummed like peaked

mountains climbed in hot

icy heat too cool to

review better than brand

new and too chilly for

crackers while vibes hip

tumble almost stumble and

slip to trickle drops that

drip in oceans of sound

sweet delicious profound

from high above to way deep

down underground washing

away the grit and grime of

the day leaving one to shake

one’s head and say…

Now that’s some smooooth


Copyright © 2011-2012, Darkhunters Empire, All Rights Reserved.


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